for conlangs (=constructed languages) that I like or made. work in progress

toki pona

a language designed for minimalism, created by sonja lang. it has only 9 consonants and 5 vowels, as well as a vocabluary of 120 - 150 words depending on who you ask. in order to talk about something, one needs to describe the basic concepts that make it up. it is also very context dependent. if youve already established, say, a skyscraper as a "tomo suli" (big building), then you could simply use tomo to refer to it in the rest of the convo so long as its clear what youre talking about.

for a quick overview, check out this site, for a cool (incomplete) semantic space-based dictionary check out lipamanka.


Im aware that its kinda funny to put these two next to each other. ithkuil is a language that allows you to compactly convey precise information, created by john quijada. to achieve this it has a whopping 45 consonants and 13 vowels and lets you put up to 14 affixes on one root word, including an incorporated root.


these are part of a project of mine to add worldbuilding and conlangs to the wings of fire series by tui t sutherland. all of this is still a massive work in progress. Im currently working on phonological evolution from proto-pyrrhian to west pyrrhian, which will later evolve into the sandwing, icewing, and nightwing languages