language: english
leaves in sunlight
a forest
a pond in a forest

you surface from the pond, blinking water from your eyes. around you is an expansive forest. there are many rocks to overturn and hollowed-out trees to stick your head into. dappled sunlight dances with the leaves swaying above you. the mossy floor feels soft as you crawl onto the shore.

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this is where I just put whatever comes to mind. like, look at these guys!

gif of a spinning white bunny gif of spinning mushrooms
the creature
two 3d printed autism creatures

rambles & infodumps

just talking about whatever. a lot.

  • out of bounds (planned)
  • cat genetics (planned?)
  • being opinionated abt dr characters (wip)


behold my scrunkly scrimblos

  • nagito (wip)
  • fuck if I know