kalama musi and such

page for my favorite artists and the songs of theirs that I especially like

patricia taxxon

> originally discovered her channel through the art, furries, god video and proceeded to binge all her video essays. some time later I got a notification that she released an album! and I listened to agnes and hilda and it immediately captivated me. theres a lot of variety even within the album, and not all of its stuff that Id have considered myself a listener of, but it all sounded really good. her music is very Noise 10/10, although I have a tendency to prefer the songs w lyrics in them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

> songs: the entire agnes & hilda album, assuredly albeit, certainly yet, body, tongues, girls, flowing pulsing, baseball

vylet pony

> maan I still remember first listening to nonexistant meetcute. fucken slaps. I wouldnt exactly consider myself part of the mlp fandom, but there is a certain post-cringe nostalgia to seeing stuff abt the funny little friendship horsies. and that stuff slaps! the music feels very personal and close and they capture emotion soso well, from anger to melancholy to pure and unbridled joy for life

> songs: most of the cutiemarks album, theres a pony by the shore and seas selling seashells, mad this time, daybreaker

the oh hellos

> I had actually already heard some of their music used in finchwing speedpaints. but the song that really made me listen to their stuff was valley (reprise) for the credits of the five giants map. I remember the time before it came out, years of waiting and looking at the ever-growing list of map parts and seeing the thumbnail speedpaint and then when it finally came out it was so so good and it really encapsulated what made me like warriors in the first place. and thatll always be intertwined the many, many songs I found through the warriors animation community. anyways, the oh hellos have quite a different vibe from most of the other stuff on this page, and I like it that way. their music has that atmosphere of singing with your friends around a campfire and I love it for that <3

> songs: valley, valley (reprise), torches, eat you alive, I have made mistakes, wishing well, passerine, constellations

jan Usawi

> I am so so delighted at the fact that toki pona music exists and is getting more of a community. when I first got into the language the only toki pona songs I like were ale li ante and wile soweli, which arent bad but its not much. then I found jan Usawis stuff and lo and behold there is good toki pona music in higher quantities! he makes a variety of stuff and its all very poggers and the lyrics are great and feel like they were really made in toki pona, which is unfortunately more than I can say for kqas stuff. so. yeah. single best toki pona musician

> songs: most of them depending on my mood but especially monsuta, ma pi lon ala and kiwen suwi


> discovered not through warrior cats but through the magnus archives! more specifically, the honey Im home pmv and the rotary dial pmv. their stuff is just the exact kind of songs to make animations in your head to. and I used one of their songs one of the only times I ever made a complete pmv, although I have ideas for more (appetite of a people pleaser is a very hajime-izuru song cough cough). my main source of cool vocaloid songs

> songs: the chattering lack of common sense, appetite of a people pleaser, rotary dial, two of a kind, insecta apostate, honey Im home, perfect nothing

lemon demon

> yknow I dont really remember how I found this one. maybe Id just heard so much abt touch tone telephone that I had to listen to it. not sure how to describe his stuff other than Weird Music. Im a fan of songs that are just about This One Specific Ass Situation. also they sound pretty epic. yeah

> songs: two trucks, youre at the party, modify, cabinet man, redesign your logo, ancient aliens, bill watterson, the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, my trains

florence & the machine

> technically my first exposure was a dovewing speedpaint that used drumming song. but the things that really made me start listening to her stuff was watching honeybeests moodboard character design videos (and the bird song pmv). very cool stuff overall. music that you have to put your whole pussy into to sing yknow.

> songs: bird song, no light no light, cosmic love, drumming song, dog days are over, blinding

glass animals

> another one that I found through warriors animations, in this case a dreamland one. (and then theres of course the your love & its all so incredibly loud ones which are also very very cool) I love the weird floaty sound it has & also just the vibe of the music in general. yeah

> songs: dreamland, your love, its all so incredibly loud, waterfalls coming out your mouth, heatwaves, take a slice, tokyo drifting, other side of paradise



> when I was younger, my brother played his music out loud a lot so I was exposed to his music taste (and it was a lot of fall out boy, imagine dragons, and dubstep) and I think in some way my own taste will always have a bit of that influence. one of the things he played was kstbeats, usually the stuff around the 100 mark, and I still fondly remember a certain handpicked bunch of that music

> beats: 77 (shine), 78 (just the lights), 94 (shine II), 97 (planets), 100 (together), 107 (cinema), 108 (evolution), 110 (above the clouds), 121 (frequenz), 123 (recent), 125 (shine III), 126 (simple), 150 (rising together)


jan Misali


> another one that I discovered through warrior cats, more specifically through the buy the stars map. there are a couple other animations I associate some of her songs with (are you satisfied, warrior cats. teen idle, heathers. how to be a heartbreaker, not an animation but a speedpaint of the fire scene which really gives off that vibe of "the song doesnt really fit meaning wise but the title kinda does so were going with that anyway") at some point I decided to go beyond my specific handful of her songs and listen to the entire electra heart & family jewels albums, and got another handful of songs out of those. I still want to make something about kevin wtnv with numb but oh well.

> songs: buy the stars, teen idle, numb, living dead, I am not a robot, lies, oh no, are you satisfied, how to be a hearbreaker, bubblegum bitch

of monsters and men

jack stauber

> I think the first time I ever heard his stuff is that one snippet of oh klahoma with the weird ass animation and the speaking wall. this one. his songs have a very particular & unique sound to them that makes it pretty easy to recognize his style. weird and unknowable, snippets of lyrics overlaid with sound effects, very good to imagine blorbos from your shows to.

> songs: two time, buttercup, fighter, baby hotline, those eggs arent dippy, coffee

lord huron

> the first of his songs I ever listened to was probably the wait by the river graystripe and silverstream warriors pmv, later on also the meet me in the woods map. aside from warrior cats, though, a much stronger association I have specifically with some of the songs from strange trail is fer.al. I could write a whole bunch about that game (and tbh I really want to at some point) but anyway my main thing in that game whenever I was bored was to try breaking the map. before one update that improved the bounds collision, I was always able to get outside of it and climb on top of the houses in the bay world thingy. and then Id just sit there on the highest house and watch the sky and the players below me and listen to the songs and it was just so so good. 10/10 Im so fucking mad that it turned out to be a scam for nfts fuck wildworks.

> songs: wait by the river, the night we met, love like ghosts, meet me in the woods, vide noir, when the world turns, the yawning grave


> 2010s party music

> a lot of songs that were used in warrior cats animations (if you couldnt tell)

> exactly 6 german songs (antiheld, hellseher & monster from the tubeclash soundtrack (by paperblossom), meine freunde & junge by die ärzte, auf uns)

> lena raines discs (pigstep & otherside)

> various musicals! especially ride the cyclone please for the love of god watch rtc

> a lot of the jsab soundtrack

> those hhgregg remixes

> the unnamed kisaragi station song

> va from the beginners guide soundtrack because the house game was so so cozy and relaxing

> various toki pona songs (ale li ante, ken la sina musi, toki nasa, wile soweli, mi pilin e ni, tawa musi suwi)

> literally the only song I ever experienced in techno kitten adventure (sea of love)

> some specific imagine dragons songs fukcing sue me

> just keep running from cement mixer simulator 3000. also the song that plays when youre in the corn maze because its lightly unsettling in a way that reminds me of ONE. but I dont know the name

> queen fly & doppelgängers by alice schach & the magic orchestra

> several mcr songs (welcome to the black parade, mama, planetary (go!))

> some crane wives stuff (curses, tongues & teeth, the moon will sing, never love an anchor)

> your city gave me asthma by wilbur soot


> the tpot intro

> rolling girl by wowaka

> caramelldansen by... the caramella girls?