CONTENT WARNING: several of these characters have eyestraining colors. open folders at your own risk


my main/voidsona, funnily enough the most humanoid one out of all of them

my main fursona, a cat-moth hybrid

glaze the icewing, my wings of fire sona and the origin of my username due to the amount of time I used to spend on wof amino

secondary fursona

another, older voidsona. the texture of the dark stuff is rather inconsistent, it can be smoke, wisps or bubbles.

voidsona that is an enderman. their name is enta, because thats how an old toki pona resource pack for minecraft tokiponized "ender". its written in "alien language", which is what ranboo uses for end language stuff

I had the idea to make a character that has the sitelen pona for my toki pona name (jan Alesi: ale-leko-epiku-soweli-ijo) written on it

this was the first time I tried to make a character as neon as possible

her and pop are bestiess <3 also her design is inspired by the song queen fly which would be on the mp3 player if the damn thing worked

anika, tiger/horse hybrid

I love sparkledogs so much they are so epic. stars name is hailey glitterglow the third btw and xyr tail is in fact a worm on a string

I added the fire thing for fun and only later realized Id made a firefox pun

just random designs. for now



eir actual name is michelle

object show ocs for a story idea thats floating around in my mind