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fun facts

> this websites font is courier because its almost like the homestuck font (courier new)

> I tried learning dutch for a while (and when you know german and english its really surprisingly easy) but stopped because I missed a day and didnt want duo to judge me :/

> I know some stuff about cat genetics because I wanted to make more accurate warrior cats ocs. actually I could write up something about that sometime (and about warrior cats too, good lord that thing was my entire middle school-hood)

> if it wasnt so shit for screen readers and also widely cringed upon Id probably use a typing quirk (and it would probably look somεþing likε ðiz [e=ε E=3 th=þ,ð TH=Þ,Ð f word final s/S=z/Z])

> masterpiece theatre III and valley (reprise) being after each other on the mp3 player is, in fact, a reference to five giants

> I use medibang paint!