"he has prehensile fingers to latch onto things his bed is made of his own hairs 3000 thread count" - very real and true quote from our lord and saviour komaedalovemail

nagito komaeda

is a character from super danganronpa 2 goodbye despair. actually hes the character. the one. a fucked up weirdo and, dare I say, a poor little meow meow (still mad that he lost the sexyman contest tbh). you may also know him from popular tumblr weekday "fingers in his ass sunday". if you do happen to be a tumblr user, you might also have witnessed his wedding to sans undertale last sunday (5th of february, 2023), to which I contributed art as well

ok. so. I got into danganronpa because of nezumivas retrospectives (which are so well done btw you should watch them) and when I first saw nagito I was just like haha look its the fingers in his ass guy. then I saw trial 1 and was like oh okay this guy is deranged as all hell and Ive been spinning him around in my brain ever since. though over time it moreso evolved into me wanting him to get some FUCKING THERAPY and also FRIENDS. cause in the game all he has is chiaki (who was literally created to be friendly and helpful) and hajime, kind of (only if you started his free time events before hes revealed to be an attempted murderer, and even then he never quite understands nagito). just. let this guy have a support system please?

how do I even begine to describe this guys mind. good lord. so, hes like really into the concept of hope vs despair (which is also the underlying theme of danganronpa as a whole) but the way he thinks about it is heavily influenced by his talent. basically, this guy has the tragic backstory of all time. your mary sue oc has nothing on him. his talent is ultimate luck, but in reality its a cycle of bad luck followed by good luck followed by bad luck and so on. things like >plane hes on gets hijacked :( >meteor kills the hijackers :) >meteor also kills his parents :( >he gets a fuckton of inheritance though :)

you may notice that the bad luck seems, like, a lot worse than the good luck? nagito sure doesnt. he thinks that this is like super balanced. and also that its how the rest of the world works, especially hope and despair. cause hes learned to associate good things (hope) with bad things (despair) happening beforehand. this means hes also afraid to get too close to people because theyll just end up hurt or killed by his bad luck. even in island mode, where he hasnt gone through the additional trauma of a killing game, he considers it a huge deal to even ask hajime to be his friend. even though they were already hanging out a lot.

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because of the whole hope-despair cycle thing, hes also under the impression that its fine, even good to put people in despair-inducing situations so that the hope that overcomes it can be as powerful as possible. he also doesnt think that he himself can ever have such a powerful hope. mainly because his self image is in the negatives and hes also really into the concept of talented vs untalented. which is more of a general danganronpa thing (behold, a marxist analysis of talent in dr) but he cranks it up to 11.

basically those who have a special talent (so-called ultimates) are worthy and powerful and can do anything and have great hope. the best thing untalented people, on the other hand, can ever achieve is to be useful to ultimates. where nagito himself fits in on this scale is kind of complicated? like hes technically and ultimate, but he doesnt consider his talent a "real" talent cause lbr his luck may be powerful but it also really sucks to live with (+ again his self esteem issues of course). but at the same time he is still an ultimate which makes him better than untalented people (as seen by his sudden shift in how he treats hajime when he finds out hes a reserve course student). so hes sort of inbetween? nonbinary swag I guess

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there WILL be a section on hajime here as soon as I have the time to write it

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in conclusion: 10/10. worlds most awesome creature I love putting him in situations. also I think I could fix him

all images & backgrounds are either made by me or from the game itself