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the nagito page

a meme redraw. hajime says 'sometimes I wonder what I taste like' and nagito responds 
		'I can help with that!'. hajime looks weirded out, thinking that nagito is talking about cannibalism. nagito is
		actually thinking about kissing him. a drawing of nagito standing with an unsettling expression. an arrow points
		towards him with the caption 'emanating horrid & disturbing energies'. a drawing of izuru and nagito in a scene from danganronpa 3. izuru is looking
		downward with the thought 'he didn't even die. boring.' nagito is lying on the ground blushing with a pastel colored 
		background thinking 'holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit' with an arrow and the caption 'just got shot'. a drawing of nagito standing in a raptor hands pose with an arrow and the 
		caption 'autism hands'. a drawing of despaired mikan and servant, both blushing and looking
		lovesick with junko and izuru in the background a drawing of nagito and hajime sitting side by side, dangling their legs into the 
		pool at the hotel. buildings and palms can be seen in the background. nagito is holding a can of blue ram and 
		appears to be talking. the whole scene is bathed in sunset lighting. a drawing of nagito standing by a window and looking out into the rain. the curtains
		and his coat are swaying in the wind. the lighting is dim. several drawings from the fanfic 'izuru kamukura's cuddly toy'. the first depicts
		fuyuhiko telling izuru 'I don't think you're that weird for an ultimate.' an arrow points towards izuru with the
		caption 'is masking so hard rn'. the second shows izuru putting his head on top of nagito's, both looking content.
		the third shows izuru and nagito holding hands with an arrow towards nagito saying 'local thoughtless asshole.' nagito
		is saying 'everyone look at my perfect & wonderful boyfriend made from the corpse of yours, chiaki!' chiaki is in the
		foreground, looking blankly at the viewer. the fourth one shows izuru pointing at a written-on blackboard, the only
		legible words being 'fluffiness thesis'. a drawing of servant with his junko hand uncovered and hanging limply. the
		lighting is warm and soft a drawing of nagito's free time event. he is saying 'please don't forget, I am
		truly in love with you..' and trails off. he corrects himself to '-your hope!', looking embarrassed. a drawing of nagito and hajime sleeping in bed. it is shaded but not colorized. soft
		golden sunlight streams in through the window. on the bedside table are a desk lamp, a minimaru clock, and a 
		kintsugi'd shell