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a drawing of jonathan sims from the magnus archives, alongside all the
		events that marked him from each entity. dark tentacles from the top left corner engulf his face. in the top right
		corner a bit of the sky can be seen. in the bottom right corner, fog and sea water waft up to him. he is buried up to
		his stomach in dirt from the left side of the image. several maggots crawl out of circular scars in his face, which is
		laos covered in green eyes on one side, and a dark sun on the other. his mouth and nose are covered by an oxygen mask,
		which is connected to a screen showing two theatre masks. jagged scars cross his neck. a knife is stabbed into one of
		his shoulders, michael's fingers are stabbing the other. two of his ribs are shown on top of his body, dripping with
		blood. he is holding up one hand, flames coming out of the palm. the other is holding a book with dried blood on some
		of the pages and cobwebs connecting it to the corner of the image. a drawing of grian from last life. he is colliding with the nether floor after
		falling. an arrow is sticking out of him. his face bears a shocked expression. a drawing of monique gibeau from ride the cyclone. she is sitting on the ground,
		one hand poised upon her knee, brandishing a knife with a carved pattern. there are some blood splatters on the knife.
		the image is lit by a spotlight which only covers half of her face, her arm and knee, and part of the knife. a drawing of martin and jon from the magnus archives. martin is holding jon as
		he stabs him in the chest. he is crying. jon is lying limply in his arms, a halo of glowing green eyes behind his head